We bring hope through care, education, and empowerment.

In the midst of a country bursting with development and new dreams, we are surrounded by many who need healing from brokenness. While the brokenness takes many different forms, from shattered dreams to cycles of poverty, we are here to restore hope.

Hope to live. Hope to find purpose. Hope to overcome.

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Bringing Hope to the Broken

What We Do

South Indian Outreach cares for the most vulnerable people in India using services that are effective, holistic, and bring long term results. Our goal is to not just alleviate the effects of poverty, but eradicate it.

Grace School

Educating 950 students from underprivileged backgrounds, we combat cycles of poverty through teaching and empowering the next generation. The space we’ve created is a safe environment where children are nurtured and given skills to face the challenges of each day.

Hope Home

Serving single mothers who have lost hope, we walk them through a journey of going from desperation to a vibrant, purpose filled life. With our support, these mothers work hard to create a new life for themselves and their children.

Open Arms Center

Providing a safe space for girls who have experienced exploitation in various forms, we give them an opportunity to dream again. We believe that innocence lost from human trafficking, sexual assault, and similar situations should not rob girls of their full potential.

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Phone:  1-859-553-3022
Email:  southindianoutreach@gmail.com